Belle & Joe’s Kitchen at Timmermans Garden Centre

Timmermans have a Gardening Supper Club, a delicious 2 course meal at 6.00p.m. followed by a talk from Stuart Dixon from BBC Radio Nottingham… The menu for the Supper Club, ¬£15 to include the gardening talk, makes this a good value evening out. We love the display of jams and chutneys at the entrance to…

Congratulations to the top 25 Garden Centres for food.

The Telegraph Newspaper has published its list of the top 25 Garden Centres for food.

There are some superb Garden Centres listed here, and many more out there doing great things with fresh local ingredients…

Just click on the image to be taken the feature.

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Would you pay 3p per minute?

A new player has entered the cafe scene, and they have an interesting and game changing model. Ziferblat is London’s first pay-per-minute cafe, based on a Russian chain where ‘everything is free, except the time you spend there’ That means the coffee, cake, fruit and biscuits are free. But you pay 3p per minute while…

What we have to do

We will report more on the themes of John Stanley’s presentation in due course. However he finished with a powerful quote from Claude Bissell Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.   Powerful words.

10 Great ideas from Chelsea to use in your Garden Centre today! #2

We love the way some stands, (in particular the greenhouse companies) used bunting to draw attention to their products.

Bunting really attracts attention, in particular under canopies where it can flap gently in the summer breeze… (Well we can all dream!)