Apple refresh their retail offer

Apple have opened their new refreshed Apple Store at Sheffield Meadowhall, and its not about selling product it is about selling the experience of using the product. It is about showcasing creativity not stating specifications… Just think, if we did the same with our plants, if we sold the dream of what the customer could…


Facing up to Xylella fastidiosa

There can be little doubt that this is the gravest threat facing the whole of UK horticulture from growers to garden centres, from botanical gardens to landscapers. We have Gathered together some information on Xylella here. Advice for the HTA, this is a link to the Xylella page on the HTA website. Advice from the…


Three brilliant ways to boost sales with POS.

We are often amazed that more retailers do not use POS (Point Of Sale) to its full advantage. We are loving the way that outdoor retailer Cotswold Outdoor were using POS in their Reading branch today. Book of the month, perfect for her, and perfect gift POS all backed up with plenty of product for…


What we can learn from a bicycle

Brompton make amazing folding bikes that just work.

Their MD has taken the company from 24 staff to 240 staff.

He has turned Brompton into a global brand.

Here he shares his amazing story…

Thirsk Garden Centre supports local growers

At one time every Garden Centre consultant would be telling you that the answer lay in being more corporate, copying what the big players were doing and never, ever, should you handwrite signage. Today however we have ripped up the rule book and we celebrate the small producer, the artisan and the independent. So, we…