Madly, deeply, passionate about…


We visited Blue Diamond’s Trentham Garden Centre recently and were, to be honest, totally, completely and utterly blown away by their houseplant department.

The images tell their own story, celebrating the plants, championing the role of the great Victorian Planthunters and offering customers an amazing shopping experience.

This is what great customer care looks like!

In the northern market town of Beverley, Wilko are moving from the centre of town to a new out of town retail park. This post has just appeared in the Beverley Facebook Group, showing how quickly great customer service is shared to local people, and of course, how quickly bad customer service is shared as…


Childrens’ treats with an adult twist – the latest coffee shop trend!

We were delighted to have been invited to host the second day of the HTA Catering Conference. During the day we were looking at coffee shop trends. Children’s treats with an adult twist were an unexpected trend, but if one looks at the rise of gourmet “fish finger sandwiches” then the trend makes sense. Boozy…